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Lets Get This PARTY Started!

25 Mar


Are you ready to kick it? 

I am!  Spring is in the air and I need to up my game big time because the events I want to do this year are coming soon !  Today I looked up all the events I hope to participate in this year and here is the list and the links:


April 21st, Saint Cycling Ride




May 6: Ironman Ride -30,60,100




May 12: MS Twin Cities Ride - 50 mile




May 19: Tough Mudder




July 8: Tour Of Saints 50 miles



June 2: Tour Of Lakes Bike Ride


June 9 and 10 - MS 150





July 30: Warrior Dash





July 15th - Color Run




August 4 and 5: Camp Benedict AIDS ride 150 miles





August 18: Tour De Pines - 75 mile


That’s what I have on my radar for now 😀


Spring Forward!

11 Mar

As I was reading yesterday afternoon, in the back of my mind kept floating up all the events as they are getting closer…. bike rides, dashes, runs…. and I have not pushed myself as much as I had planned to… which honestly, if I would have been more dedicated when I started in January… I would be (should be) pretty close to my fitness goals by now.  Now that is a bummer thought.

Today is a symbolic day… it is a day in the states when we set our clocks forward an hour.  However for me, I am also looking at it is a “COME ON GET GOING spring forward as well.

That said, lets hope each of us has a little spring in our step today… make the most of our time to be healthy, to get healthy, Be healthy.

For me, I am working on better eating habits.  I can not control every day when we are out or have events but I can control what I eat on most days… no excuses.

Anyone else springing forward with any positive plans?

Check Point… Working on MoTiVaTiOn!

6 Mar

Good morning all!

This is the weekly check in that is hosted by my friend and runner Mari over at Bookworm With A View.  Weekly we are asked to do a little check in on how the physical get up and MOVE It MOVE it is going…

a week ago I did not participate as I had nothing to report… a week from he**, I worked all day and had commitments every evening and then was out-of-town for the weekend.  Honestly I was exhausted.  And crabby. Yes.  CRABBY.

But earlier this last week I dusted myself off and got back on the treadmill.  I wrote a post confessing how I have not been as committed as I had hoped; to this blog… and to myself.  And I am hoping that is about to change.

For starters, I treated myself to new shoes this week.  Thank you all who gave me advice on this… I don’t know if I did well, but they are working nicely for the gym and indoor activities:

And in the past week I have made it to my goal of Group Power three times in a week… (weight lifting to music).  I also attended a Zumba Class, elliptical time and floor hockey.  It was a good workout week!

My goals now are to hold momentum and keep on going.  I will be at the gym tonight for Group Power and elliptical.  I plan to continue each day then until Sunday.  I want to be active at least five times a week with at least an hour workout.

I have started keep track of miles on my sidebar… I seem to be having an odd formatting opportunity where it is not lining up right but I will keep track of bike miles once I have some. 😀

Anyhoo… thats me.  How you all doing?  Is Spring in the air?  Is motivation?  Let Mari know at Check Point!

True Confessions….

3 Mar


Hi all.  It’s me, Sheila.

I have mentioned before that in a surprisingly busy February I have not loved on this blog like I had dreamed.  I have ideas for posts, have had some of you email me your stories so I could share them, and it has been a challenge just to find the time to post. 

However – I am not waving the white flag here.  Quite the opposite and here is why.

Many of you know that I am pretty active and enjoy outdoor activities like bike riding.  Many of you also know that last June we had a little pile up on mile 71 of a 150 mile ride and I was hurt.  I broke my pinky, dislocated my wrist and was taken out of the ride by ambulance.  It was not the highlight of my riding days.

This accident didn’t seem like such a big deal to me at the time.  I proceeded to do a 50 mile bike ride a few weeks after in my cast and the Warrior Dash following a couple of weeks after that, also in the cast.  However what it did do throughout the winter was took me away from the activities that keep me strong such as Group Power (weight lifting) and Kick Boxing, which I still have not returned to.  In the past 6 months my activity level has taken a major hit and therefore my body has too. 

I bring all of this up today because Team Kickin It was all about motivating one another.  I like to believe I am in as good of shape as I was last summer but that is not true at all.  I need to get motivated, I need to get strong again and I need to be completely honest here as I know I am not the only one who struggles with staying active and staying fit. 

When I feel I look good, I feel good about myself… and currently that is not the case.  I know when I look in the mirror and ask myself is this the shape you want to be in the rest of your life?  The answer is a firm NO.  Now that it is March I am feeling a sense of urgency to get myself in shape and in gear for the biking and active season ahead.  Feel free to kick me in the butt as you feel necessary 😀

God knows, I can be stubborn when I want to be.


Also – please email me any topics you would like me to discuss here… questions, work out things… if I don’t know it, I will research it. 😀