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Reader’s Workout… or lack there of….

29 May


I have been feeling guilty for not loving on this blog as much as I want too and for not getting in my weekly fitness post here with Joy’s Reader’s Workout.

The truth is… I have nothing to report.

My job about 6 weeks ago made some changes that have been hard and stressful.  I love my job so I am hanging in there but along with all of this my energy just feels zapped.

I have not been to the gym in three weeks and with our crappy weather in Minnesota the past couple of weeks getting outside biking or blading has been non-existent as well. 

That said – you are probably thinking “Ok, tip toe quietly away from the blog… she is in a FUNK.” 



While that had been true, I don’t think I am any longer.  I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about doing Weight Watchers together and I have been there and done that – a wonderful program but I have other plans.  And yes, I have plans…

I know what I need to do and hopefully I am starting back up today…  I am listening to a wonderful audio book about a man who turned his life around and became one of the fittest people in America… certainly I can get back on track when my goals are not so lofty?  😛

Thanks all for listening to my update… positive changes I am praying are on the way. 


True Confessions of a STRESS Eater

1 May


So ummm…. yeah.  The last couple of weeks have been a little stressful and unfortunately for me, when that happens, good eating habits seem to run for the hills leaving me behind.  My mind seems to go into this mode of “why nots” and excuses:

Why can’t I have this one sugary gooey chocolatey doughnut thing for breakfast… it is breakfast and I will work it off….

Why cant I stop on my way to work and have the double skim mocha latte, I mean really… I did say no whip…  (for the record… we are still looking at 220+ calories in that baby)

Why can’t I sit here and eat half the bag (or more) of Doritos’?  They are BAKED after all.

YAY!  I won the silent auction gift basket of Chocolate from our local Chocolate Etc. store!!!!!

anyhoo… you get the point and yeah, every one of the above scenarios are actual… and yes, I caved on every one of them.  😯


Stress happens.

So while I am sitting here, angry with myself, knowing I can do better…, I give us all this advice.  Each day is a new day.  We can (I can) get up and do something about it.  In fact today is May 1.  A great day for a new beginning.  We are one month out and a couple of days from BEA.  I have goals.

Its time to move on them.  😛

Tonight my friend Christy and I are going back to Kick Boxing.  I have not been there since last June when I got hurt.  I am excited to go and as I told another friend, “a little punching should a great stress reliever make!”  😀

SO while this kind of turned out to be the “anti-workout and healthy eating” post, it had to be said.  We can all stumble and fall but no one said we had to stay down.  If you are struggling, remember to take it one day at a time… see the future you whoever he/she may be….

are you thinner?

are you stronger?

are you healthier?

Can you kick the hiney of anyone who messes with you and not break a sweat?  (ok, that one was for me… I just wanted to know…)


Have a super awesome start to your week…. do something fun that burns calories…. 😀

Come back here and let me know how you are doing – hopefully we can inspire one another. 😀


Thanks to Joy from Joys Book Blog for her motivational posts.