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31 Jan


Here we are Challenge Eve and I hope those of you who are joining me in this adventure are getting ready to work towards a healthier and stronger you!  I know I am.  😀

Water is a huge part of a healthy life style.  It’s funny to think how much money we can spend on these new and fancy waters  and there are a lot out there… H2Oh, Skinny Water, Smart Water, Hint, Pur, Aquafina, ICE, Zero, Vitamin Water, MIO, Glaceau Fruit Water, Smart Sence, Propel, Sobe Life Water, Dasani…  and with names like these, why wouldn’t you drink these?

and even as you look at this list you can probably name many more or at least know what they look like in the grocer isle.  And these can run anywhere from $1 a bottle to upwards of $7, and sure… some of the bottles are pretty cool to look at I will give you that. However, for a lot less money and the same results (AND in many case healthier results) you can make your own flavored water or even good old plain water right at home.

We have delicious water at home.  I like my water to be icy cold when I drink it so I would do out and but bottles of Aquafina and put them in the freezer until they were slushy (*hangs head).  Finally – about a month ago I bought a really nice container for the frig that I now keep full of water.  It’s always cold, and it’s always ready to go. 


my super awesome to go cup I use I bought at Wal-Mart around Christmas time… (I bought two of these, $4.49 each, a red one and a green one… and you can find these in most retail stores now.


What I like about this style is I can take it anywhere, and believe it or not… I like the straw.  It’s always ready to drink.  I take this one to work with me, to the gym, and use it at home.  I try to keep it full and next to me all day long and I am surprised how much more water I drink with it always ready to go.

Now going back to those flavored waters.  I admit… water can get boring.  I can drink a lot of it during  a workout but to try to get in my 8+ glasses a day on just a regular day is a bit trickier.  I started adding fruit.



This one above has slices of orange in it and it adds a nice hint of orange flavor that is all natural.  You can also add slices of cucumber, apple, strawberries, mint leaves , lemon, pineapple, raspberries, grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, peaches, blueberries… and image how pretty these will look in your glass and how trendy you will be when you show up with a beautiful 100% water beverage and “they” are sucking on a Sobe.  😛

And doesn’t this look like a delicious alternative beverage when having friends over?


Drink up!  Do you have any combinations to add? 


Weekend Cooking: Egg White LOADED Omelets

26 Jan


We are less than a week out from the 2013 12K Challenge (hosted right here!) and part of that challenge was changing up our eating habits. 

For the past few weeks at my house we have been working on the “out with the not so good and in with the healthier choices.  One of the steps I am taking is going through a cupboard one at a time and switching it out to good foods for good cooking.  Here is my first cupboard achievement:



Today for Weekend Cooking I thought I would offer up a healthy breakfast/lunch item that I like to make.  I am a big fan of eggs and we are lucky enough to have friends who raise chickens so I am always in full stock of good fresh eggs. 

I like to make egg white omelets (egg whites are 17 calories per egg) and load them with any  vegies I have on hand.  Recently I made this one I am about to share with leftover shrimp we had from a get together and it was DELICIOUS.  Shrimp are extremely low in calories (6 calories each), practically no fat and a nice pinch of protein.  While I have no exact recipe here as it changes every time I make it, here is the basic idea:


3 or 4 egg whites (either use an egg white substitute or I separate the egg whites from fresh eggs)

any vegies you have on hand – for this one I used onion, squash, mushroom and spinach

olive oil

season to taste

shrimp ( I have also used left over turkey, ham, and turkey bacon)

Cut up all the vegies you plan on using. If using spinach, this will be added later so set aside. Heat up your fry pan with a little but of olive oil.  Once the oil is hot pour in your vegies and the shrimp  (not the spinach)and stir fry them for a few minutes until vegies are tender and shrimp are a nice cooked pink.  Have your egg whites ready to go (I usually add about 1/4 cup of water to my eggs), stir it all up and pour on top of your vegies.  Usually I have too many vegies to turn it into a nice looking omelet so I scramble up the eggs with the vegies and shrimp. 


Step 1: stir frying in olive oil

Once the eggs are no longer wet while cooking, I add in a healthy handful of fresh spinach and let that cook with the eggs about an additional three minutes.  Add salt and pepper to taste or other seasonings you enjoy.


Step 2: Adding the spinach in (I know its hard to see the egg because I really over do it on the vegies)

When everything is cooked, pour out onto serving dishes and enjoy.  This is super filling and delicious, a highly tasty dish with few calories and practically no fat.


Step 3: Serve and eat!

This recipe is posted for the Weekend Cooking meme, go to the link to find other recipes!  Who knows what you might find for dinner. 


The Challenge!

15 Jan



Finally!  I am getting this challenge going!  😀  Life took on a BUSY season and I was hoping to have this up mid December and kick off January 1st, but instead we will be officially kicking off on February 1.

So what is the 12K challenge?  It is a fitness challenge that I believe *almost anyone can do no matter your age, weight, or fitness level.  Together I am asking those of you who join me to participate in a wellness program that will hopefully as a group lead us to healthier habits for our bodies, better shape, and a better fitness level.

Each month – your basic goal will be to take it 1K at a time.  A 1K is 5/8 of a mile.  Each month we will add to that another K.  This is your basic goal in this challenge – you can walk it, run it, tread mill it, elliptical it, whatever works for you.  The goal is by the end of each month to have completed the challenge and by January 2014, be able to do a 12K which is 7.46 miles.

You know those people who are always doing 5k’s and you are thinking wow!  That is amazing!  They are actually running/walking 3.2 miles.  When you break it down… it really is doable.




But…. what if there is no way I can physically do this challenge?  No worries, there are no wrong ways of doing this.  If due to health or other reasons this would not work for you, there will be a modified version where we will convert the K’s into minutes of what you can do.  Simply let me know in the form below if you need a modified program.  *As always, be sure any workout you do is approved by your doctor.




But…this is not a challenge for me, I am already doing 5 and 10K’s and need something more to keep me motivated.  In your case, you would be in an advanced challenge.  Maybe by the end of a 12 month period your goal may be a Half Marathon (13.10 miles) or a whole marathon (26.21 miles).  Simply let me know in the form below if you need a modified program.  *As always, be sure any workout you do is approved by your doctor.


This is perfect!  It’s just the motivation I need to get moving towards a healthier me!  Awesome, glad to have you on board!  I hope that as a group we can motivate one another to reach our goals.


1.  I am setting up a Facebook group for additional tips and support of one another.  It will be optional to join but if you are looking for an extra boost, advice, food tips, etc… this may be something you want to take a look at.  Our group will be closed, meaning invite only so you must sign upon the form to request access.

2.  I am also working on a random generator that will be on this page soon.  This generator will give you a random 20 minute work out goal for each day, anything from walking, lunges, stretching to dancing. 

3.  Throughout the week I will be posting here my fitness ideas, goals and anything in between so pop in often. 

4.  A question form will be set up for any questions you may have and if I do not have the answer, I will try to find someone who does and may post your questions anonymously if I feel it is something others may benefit from as well. 

5.  On Saturdays I will post healthy recipes here.

6.  Occasionally there will be guest posts from friends of mine who are reaching their goals, and perhaps even you if you have a story you would like to share that fits with what we are doing here.

7.  At the end of each month we will have a check in post where you are welcome to share how you are doing in the comment section or by writing your own post (if you have a blog) and I will have an area where you can link it so we can visit and cheer you on.

8.  That’s the basics of it.  Again, no matter what your fitness level, this can work for you!  Let’s make 2013 a year to remember, to feel and be healthier, inside and out.

To participate please fill out the form.  Your information will be confidential.

An email will be sent to you confirming your participation.  YAY Team!!!  Lets get moving!  Remember, we officially will start here on February 1, but you may get started any time.