YOU Get To Choose How Your Story Goes

26 Feb


Hi all.  Every day, I do not necessarily feel like working out.  I may be tired, or had a stressful day, and have a lot on my plate that I should be doing (like rewriting the camp papers like I said I would, creating an agenda for next weeks meeting, or laundry, or planning dinner, or…

Is that just me?

I don’t think so.

The same could be said for choosing what we eat each day.  It’s a lot easier to grab something hot and fast through a drive through then to take the time to cook something nutritious and good for you, ESPECIALLY when your day is like the one I mentioned in the above paragraph.


We are the authors of our story.  We make choices in our life every single day.  I know not everything is under out control, but what we put in out mouths and how we treat our bodies can for the most part be our choice.  Our story. 

For myself, when I don’t eat right and when I don’t work out, I lose energy and focus.  While getting to the gym or going for a run sometimes feels like the last thing I want to do – I have not once ever regretted doing it.  Usually when I get moving I feel energized and my whole day seems to get better.  I am more attentive. I am more patient.  Things do not bother me so easily.  I feel stronger and more self-assured.  Working out for me is like taking a magic pill. 😛 

When we make choices, good or bad ones, we are indeed writing out story. 


Where is your story going this week?  If you don’t like the direction, toss that page away and write it again. 

Last week I worked out 5 out of 7 days.  I packed up my gym clothes for in the car so I had no excuses.  I may have started out tired or with a plan to only do 30 minutes, but every time I stayed longer than I thought I would and every day I felt good when I left. 


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  1. Vicki February 26, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

    Love Love Love this post Sheila!! So positive and uplifting! And so very true. We can all give ourselves excuses not to eat right or exercise, but in the end we are only hurting ourselves. It’s true that when you eat healthy and get some exercise you feel better. So it completely baffles me why it seems like such a chore at times.We have to get, and keep, our priorities straight.

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