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Making A Date With YOU!

29 Mar


Hi all!  Here we are at the end of March and if you have been a part of the 12K Challenge Team, we have been going for 8 weeks!  I am hoping in one way or another you have been making positive steps forward either in your work outs, your eating habits, or both.  I would love to hear about how you are doing and if you care to share your story – drop me a line here.

I enjoy working out with other people and setting up gym times, people to ride bike with, run with, etc… but what I wanted to do today is bottom line it…

If you are not in it for yourself it’s just not going to happen. 


When we first started this challenge I struggled getting into a routine.  It was good to have other people around me with similar goals that I could connect with to meet at the gym, or plan a healthy outing… however, as I have known from the past and I know again now – if you are not willing to make the commitment for yourself you will not succeed.

Alright – that sounds kind of negative… but really, it is not.  Instead it is calling the truth to the surface – if your friends or family can not work out with you, do you just not do it? 

Or do you strap on your tennis shoes, and go out and do it for yourself? 

If in doubt, the answer is the latter.  😉

I am not saying I have it right… I certainly do not, but I do know that I should be pushing myself every day to feel good, and make a difference in me – physically and mentally. 

If you have slipped away from routine, fallen back into old habits, its not too late – starting today is still starting.  April is a few short days away… Lets not be “April Fools” lets get up and get out and move and start seeing the difference in yourself as there is no great motivation!


How are you doing?  What is going well?  What can motivate you?


Check in: How Are You Doing? What Are You Doing?

5 Mar


Happy March!  How are we all doing? 

I have been meaning to send you a group email to everyone who signed up for the 12K Challenge but I have not sat down and put the emails in a group yet so maybe that is a tonight project. 😀  I would love to hear your updates… successes, struggles, changes in body, changes in food habits…

My update is:

As I said in an earlier post February was full on things that put me on again and off again.  Thankfully that phase seems to has passed and so far for March I have been fully ON.  I have been to the gym on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  A little elliptical, some running on the treadmill, and two Group Power classes which always leave me feeling stronger.  I have been lucky, my cousin Cheryl has been going with me frequently and  I usually stay longer than her, but its also nice to hang out with someone at the gym.

This afternoon I will go work out after work alone and I like that too because then I can put in my ear buds and rock away.  I have discovered I burn more calories to music because I am moving faster to a beat, but I stay longer at the gym if I am with someone.  Interesting. 😀

I am curious how you are doing so be sure to touch base here or on our Facebook page or both.  What you are doing to get fit and make positive changes in your life can inspire someone else… when you share your workouts, it may be something I or someone else would like to try too… and it’s always good to shake it up.

I am connecting this post to Joy’s Readers Workout as Joy is a fellow 12K Challenger as well. 😀


Month Two Of The Challenge! Add A “K”!!! (And month 1 recap)

1 Mar


Here we go!!! Our first month is over and I hope you are all hanging in there and feeling good and productive!  Whatever “K” You started with I hope you reached your goal and I would love to hear about how you did either in the comments below, using the link sign up for your own post, or both!  😛

If you are new here and curious about the challenge here is the original sign up link.  Its never too late to begin!

Personally my goal was to start with a 5K at the gym, 3.2 miles.  When I did that the first I went to the gym in February I decided maybe I set my goal to low and sent for a 6K instead, remembering that wherever I started I had to add a “K” each month for 12 months and didn’t want to go crazy. 😀

I struggled the first week of February when I had back to back retreats and didn’t get to a gym until February 8th.  I think I did better from then on averaging between 4 -5 times a week work outs.  Eating better is something I do well for about 5 days out of the week… I am trying to improve on that as well.

As for my personal challenge of giving something up for the month – that for me was lattes and coffees at the coffee shop which I did and didnt really miss it or the calories. 😀

Here is the link for those of you who wish to write a post about your first month on the 12K Challenge:

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Now… for March!


For those who signed up for the challenge as it was laid out:

This month your goal is to do a 2K before the end of March.  That is 1.24 miles.  You can walk it tread mill it, jog it, run it, elliptical…. whatever you wish to use to get you there in a single work out session.

Adjust to fit your needs!  😀 If this is too low, feel free to adjust to where you wish to be at…. maybe a 3k (1.86 miles)  Remember wherever you set yourself at– don’t go too high as you need to add to this each month by a “K” for the next 11 months. 



Modified Version: 


How are you doing?  How do you feel after this first month of challenging yourself to do more?

You may wish to continue with the 1k for this month (5/8 of a mile) and stick with doing that until you are ready to do more.  You know your ability, just be sure to challenge yourself, do not make it too easy, but do not over extend yourself either.  You can walk it tread mill it, jog it, run it, elliptical…. whatever you wish to use to get you there in a single work out session.

Set your goal – and work towards it.  YOU can do it!




How are you doing?  Are you feeling challenged?  I hope so.

You should be at around a 6K  this month (3.72 miles) for this month.  This is a suggestion – certainly you need to adjust higher or lower for your own goal.  You can walk it tread mill it, jog it, run it, elliptical…. whatever you wish to use to get you there in a single work out session.  Remember wherever you start you need to add the 1K (minimum) per month, ending the 12 months with a 17K for those of us who start with a 5K (10.56 mile).

Push yourself.  It is month two.  Look at February as being the warm up.  Now its time to get moving.


Mini BONUS Challenge for March (optional)


For all three levels of this challenge your March bonus challenge is to try a new form or workout or a new healthy food.  Shake things up!  Your body is changing and needs to continue to be challenged.  Some ideas could be:

Take a spin class, or a weight lifting class

Try Zumba

Try jogging if you have not before

Jump Rope

Try a workout DVD

A Boot Camp

Take a dance class or a healthy cooking class

Try a new recipe that is good for you

For myself, the Insanity workout has been in my house for about 5 months and I have not touched it.  Scratch that, I did touch it.  I touched it to loan it out to a friend who said it kicked her hiney and she purchased her own.  Now it sits in the house and I am going to do it.  😯


I hope you are feeling changes to your energy level and starting to see changes in your body and in your eating.  I look forward to continuing this journey with you.  😀

If you have questions or thoughts on anything, please use the Forms provided.