About Team Kickin It

Hi!  I am Sheila and I run the book blog, Book Journey

I am a big believer in working out and have shared my work out successes and fails on my book blog.  Many people had commented on how what I would post motivated them to take walks, take a class, and make positive changes in their life style.

Well… that’s just amazing!  😛

Team Kickin It is the brain child stemmed from my comments on Book Journey, but a more in depth – “here is what I am trying to do”, and this time I am inviting you all along with me. 

I am no work out guru, in fact, after an accident set me back in mid 2011, I feel a lot like I am starting over, learning again how to take care of me and hoping this blog will be a way for us to encourage one another.

I would love to hear from you and your journey of success and or struggles…. feel free to contact me at journeythroughbooks@gmail.com and please place in the subject “Team Kickin It”.  Who knows where this will lead?  I dream of doing feature stories, healthy recipes, work out challenges… you name it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking Team Kickin It out.  May your fitness journey be incredibly successful!

Go Team!!!



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