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Check in: How Are You Doing? What Are You Doing?

5 Mar


Happy March!  How are we all doing? 

I have been meaning to send you a group email to everyone who signed up for the 12K Challenge but I have not sat down and put the emails in a group yet so maybe that is a tonight project. 😀  I would love to hear your updates… successes, struggles, changes in body, changes in food habits…

My update is:

As I said in an earlier post February was full on things that put me on again and off again.  Thankfully that phase seems to has passed and so far for March I have been fully ON.  I have been to the gym on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  A little elliptical, some running on the treadmill, and two Group Power classes which always leave me feeling stronger.  I have been lucky, my cousin Cheryl has been going with me frequently and  I usually stay longer than her, but its also nice to hang out with someone at the gym.

This afternoon I will go work out after work alone and I like that too because then I can put in my ear buds and rock away.  I have discovered I burn more calories to music because I am moving faster to a beat, but I stay longer at the gym if I am with someone.  Interesting. 😀

I am curious how you are doing so be sure to touch base here or on our Facebook page or both.  What you are doing to get fit and make positive changes in your life can inspire someone else… when you share your workouts, it may be something I or someone else would like to try too… and it’s always good to shake it up.

I am connecting this post to Joy’s Readers Workout as Joy is a fellow 12K Challenger as well. 😀



Schedule A Work Out

19 Feb


How are we doing?  Hopefully well and making some baby steps towards a healthier life style.  😀

How many times have I said that I don’t have time to exercise?  More than I can count that’s for sure.  How many times have YOU said you do not have time to exercise?

It’s easy to let life get in the way…. we have jobs, kids, families, meetings, cooking, cleaning, errands, shopping, phone calls, appointments, commitments, committees, events to support, bills to pay, lists to make, belongings to repair…

is it any wonder in today’s world of over committing that we land in the evening at home, exhausted in front of our lap tops or the tv and can not even imagine putting on your running shoes and taking a walk around the block to unwind or a quick jog, or hit the gym for 30 minutes?


Well… that is exactly what I am going to ask you to do. 

Close your eyes for a minute.

Ok open them, that will not work because you can not read what I am writing.  LATER, after you have read this… take a minute and imagine yourself 3 months from now.  How do you look?  How do you feel?  In this vision, are you stronger?  Healthier?  More sure of yourself?  Are goals that you made to yourself being reached?

If not, why not?

Ir is hard to make a lifestyle change, but if it were easy, we would all be super fit and strong and running or biking to work instead of driving. 😀  YOU are the only one that make the changes in YOU.

Today, look at your agenda book or phone, or wherever you keep your calendar.  I am asking you to commit to scheduling time to work out.  You can find the time… trust me.  It may involve getting up before everyone else and taking 20 minutes to yourself to walk or jog.  It may be a quick commitment between work and picking up kids, and yes, it may even be after dinner when you like to just hang out with everyone,

HOWEVER – making this time for YOU will make you a better version of YOU.  Exercise relieves stress.  You will come back more relaxed and able to handle whatever is next.  Your family will notice the changes, and think of the good habits you will be showing your kids – that taking time to take care of yourself is important. 

Personal Note:  This past week I have been getting back to the gym and I have forgotten how good that feels.  I put in my ear buds – listen to some rocking music and before I know it, 30 minutes has gone by.  This past week I have spent some time on the elliptical and the treadmill.  Tonight on my agenda is Group Power (weight lifting to music)

Dont read this and make excuses of why I have time and you do not.  It’s not true.  YOU can do this.  Maybe it’s not the gym, but maybe it is a work out dvd, or jumping rope in your home, or walking up and down the stairs to a set number of reps. 

Schedule it – don’t cancel on YOU. 😀

How are you doing this week?  How are the 12K Challenge peeps doing?  I would love to hear from you and where you are at with your goals and where you are fitting in time to work out. 


I am linking today to Joy’s Reader workout where she shares work out tips and whats happening in the life of those who read… and work out:


Here’s A Plan and later a 2013 Challenge!

23 Nov


AND by what you really need…. that message is for me. 😀  2012m honestly has not been the wonderful dream to full fitness as I thought it would be.  A couple of life happenings ( darn things!) put me in a funk through part of the year and I did not even come close to my fitness goals.

Enough excuses.  I know when I feel fit and on my game and I do not feel that now.  I know what I need to do and I just need to do it.  I have the tools to make it happen, I just need to find the motivation…. now where did I put that?  Is it in the storage room?  Top shelf of the closet?  NO matter – I will find it.

I did mention the shakes before and I like the product.  The first one I made I mixed with skin milk but I was not happy with the fact that the powder is 90 calories, the milk was 90 calories, I added in the chocolate flavoring and half a banana and brought it up to 230 calories.

I know, I know that is not bad… but I knew I could do better.  Pictures above is the powder with an orange vitamin water ZERO (zero calories etc…) and a handful of raspberries.  I was happy with this 100 calorie drink. 

This morning, I am looking at the pancake recipe using the Vi- Shape.  I will keep you informed. 😀


I will be creating a challenge for 2013 on this site… just need to think about it more.