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Mid Month Check In – What Are You Doing To Shake That Work OUt Up?

15 Feb


Here we are mid February already… a little over two weeks into our first month of the 12K Challenge.  For those participating I would be interested in hearing how you are doing.  Have you hit the challenge goals for this month?  Are you working towards it? 

Stay strong… remember each months goal will increase by a little bit but you will be stronger and healthier for it.  Remember – those of you who are signed up for the challenge did so for a reason… you wanted to challenge yourself, you wanted to be fitter, or stronger, or healthier… or all of the above. 😀

So…. what are we waiting for?

Today I wanted to post about shaking up the work out.  It is hard to get up every morning and do the same thing over and over again.  Not only does it become routine for you – it becomes routine for your body.  This means your body will sort of level  out and you will not be seeing the results you want to on the scale or in the mirror.

This is why it is fun to shake things up in a way that shakes up your work out routine puts a jump start back on your goals and if you do it right… can also be a lot of fun!

I personally have found myself enjoying events that are around the state I live in, fun to participate in and a great way to hang out with friends and make new ones as well. The next one on my calendar is The Get Lucky.  It is a 7k run on March 16th.  Today, looking out the window at all the snow its hard to think I will be doing a 7K in a months time… 😛

But  – here’s the kicker.  By putting an event like that on my calendar, I will train for it.  Knowing that is coming up will motivate me to go to the gym.  I have been doing events like these for a couple of years not and they are super fun… and super addicting. 😀

You probably have events such as this in your area of the world.  Google your state and add the word(s) 5k or mud run or cycling.  Check out the chamber of commerce websites for cities near you.  One website to check out would be, which lists physical events around the world. is mainly Minnesota and Chicago but has some fun events as well.

Please share any events that you have participated in or plan to participate in.  😀


Lets Get This PARTY Started!

25 Mar


Are you ready to kick it? 

I am!  Spring is in the air and I need to up my game big time because the events I want to do this year are coming soon !  Today I looked up all the events I hope to participate in this year and here is the list and the links:


April 21st, Saint Cycling Ride




May 6: Ironman Ride -30,60,100




May 12: MS Twin Cities Ride - 50 mile




May 19: Tough Mudder




July 8: Tour Of Saints 50 miles



June 2: Tour Of Lakes Bike Ride


June 9 and 10 - MS 150





July 30: Warrior Dash





July 15th - Color Run




August 4 and 5: Camp Benedict AIDS ride 150 miles





August 18: Tour De Pines - 75 mile


That’s what I have on my radar for now 😀