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Oh My Gosh Becky! Look At Her SHOES!

21 Jan


Hi Team Kickin It People!  How are you all doing?  It was late last night that I realized I have been neglecting to post here, totally forgot to do the Wednesday Healthy Eating (and I have some good recipes to share!). 

I had a crazy two weeks but I think it should mellow out now and so here I am Saturday morning ready to talk shoes with you.

Above, those are my actual gym shoes.  I love them, they have taken me through many a work out… but I do for a new pair this coming season.  My friend Amanda just picked up a nice pair and I seem to be leaning towards the color black… but I am flexible…

What shoes do you wear for working out and do you have any advice to a tread mill user, zumba participant, Group Power junky, and Elliptical person?  😀


When It Is Hard To Find The Time To Work Out

13 Jan

What a week. 

Last week I was on vacation and it was BLISS.  I was able to get up in the morning, lounge in my PJ’s, write my posts, get in a good work out and even read…. ahhhh…… READ.


I went back to work.


I am in charge of special events at my job as well as my regular Family Life Administrator duties.  I had a concert to prep for this week (it is tonight), 176 packets to prepare and mail for a big meeting next Wednesday, and a special meeting planned for tomorrow morning.  On top of being gone a week, prepping for a class that started this past Wednesday, and my regular duties, as well as Navy Son is home for two weeks, I had a meeting Monday night, Book Club at my house Tuesday night, Volunteer with Teens Wednesday night, Dinner with Navy Son and friends Thursday night, concert tonight…

working out was not in the cards.

SO….. thanks to a question Joy presented, how do you squeeze in a work out when there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day?

I wish I had the answer to this.  When I am  in “game on” mode, I seem to make it work better.  I find the time.  I MAKE the time.  And that is where I need to get again.  In my dream version of me…. I do make that time.  I am up (in my mind) at 5:30 every morning, clean and shiny and off to the gym.  I work out diligently 6 days a week for at least an hour (again in my mind…) and then off to work where I do not have the “you need to work out!” cloud hanging over my head…. and life… if fabulously balanced.

Ok…. back to reality. 

My to do’s out way many times, the I wants and I needs…. 

Here however is the upside.  We all have one of these scales and yes, from time to time one side is going to dominate and things we enjoy or should be doing turns out to not make the priority list… yes, even when it should.

For me… the biggest push is over.  The packets have been mailed, the concert is set and the invites are out, the meeting for tomorrow is ready to go, the class is in progress…

this afternoon I am meeting two friends to do Group Power and then the tread mill.  Tomorrow and Sunday I will have time to work out again…Monday too. 

Next week I go to full-time at my job while my co-worker goes on maternity leave.  I will just need to balance it more… but I believe it is doable. 

How about you – what do you do to keep on the work out track when life explodes in every direction but the gym?