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You Dont Need To Be Working Out To Burn Calories!

24 Feb


This weekend I had taken on a large painting project in our house.  I became so busy with that I skipped out on my gym time Saturday and Sunday.  I felt a little guilty about that but after two consecutive days of painting 5+ house each, I thought seriously…. I am tired, I am sore.. this must be worth something.

I Googled (LOVE Google!) “Calories burned painting walls” and was amazed to find out that one hour of painting walls converts to 320 calories burned on average.  😯  The article stated that not only are you constantly moving your arms, but you are also stretching and thinking about where to go next.

That is sooooooo AWESOME!

Now before you run out and buy your paint supplies thinking you will repaint the whole house… other things we do in our home burn calories as well and here is a little list I found on-line, but certainly this is by no means inclusive…


Note that this chart is based on 30 minutes of activity.

Next time you are bumming out (like I was) about missing a work out because you had to get some house work/projects done…. don’t fret.  Grab your water, turn on some music (or in my case an audio book) and get to it!  😀

If you have any other activities you would like to add to this list along with the calorie burn – please do so in the comments.  It is encouraging to see that our “must get dones” are actually good for us not only mentally… but physically as well.



31 Jan


Here we are Challenge Eve and I hope those of you who are joining me in this adventure are getting ready to work towards a healthier and stronger you!  I know I am.  😀

Water is a huge part of a healthy life style.  It’s funny to think how much money we can spend on these new and fancy waters  and there are a lot out there… H2Oh, Skinny Water, Smart Water, Hint, Pur, Aquafina, ICE, Zero, Vitamin Water, MIO, Glaceau Fruit Water, Smart Sence, Propel, Sobe Life Water, Dasani…  and with names like these, why wouldn’t you drink these?

and even as you look at this list you can probably name many more or at least know what they look like in the grocer isle.  And these can run anywhere from $1 a bottle to upwards of $7, and sure… some of the bottles are pretty cool to look at I will give you that. However, for a lot less money and the same results (AND in many case healthier results) you can make your own flavored water or even good old plain water right at home.

We have delicious water at home.  I like my water to be icy cold when I drink it so I would do out and but bottles of Aquafina and put them in the freezer until they were slushy (*hangs head).  Finally – about a month ago I bought a really nice container for the frig that I now keep full of water.  It’s always cold, and it’s always ready to go. 


my super awesome to go cup I use I bought at Wal-Mart around Christmas time… (I bought two of these, $4.49 each, a red one and a green one… and you can find these in most retail stores now.


What I like about this style is I can take it anywhere, and believe it or not… I like the straw.  It’s always ready to drink.  I take this one to work with me, to the gym, and use it at home.  I try to keep it full and next to me all day long and I am surprised how much more water I drink with it always ready to go.

Now going back to those flavored waters.  I admit… water can get boring.  I can drink a lot of it during  a workout but to try to get in my 8+ glasses a day on just a regular day is a bit trickier.  I started adding fruit.



This one above has slices of orange in it and it adds a nice hint of orange flavor that is all natural.  You can also add slices of cucumber, apple, strawberries, mint leaves , lemon, pineapple, raspberries, grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, peaches, blueberries… and image how pretty these will look in your glass and how trendy you will be when you show up with a beautiful 100% water beverage and “they” are sucking on a Sobe.  😛

And doesn’t this look like a delicious alternative beverage when having friends over?


Drink up!  Do you have any combinations to add? 

ShAkInG Up The Workout Routine

17 Jan

If you were to poll people on the street and ask them to name 5 ways to exercise, what do you think the top answers would be?

I would guess among the most common answers would be:

  • walking/running
  • tread mill
  • weight lifting
  • aerobics class
  • bicycling
  • DVD work out

And all of these are good answers, great even!  However, if you are like me… I need variety.  The same routine (Group Power Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tread Mill and Elliptical on Tuesday and Thursday) while shows great dedication…. can become boring.  Boring = more of a chance that I will skip a work out session AND not only that, but your body becomes used to you working the same muscles – the same way. 

This is where the SHAKING UP the routine comes in.  This time of year is a great time to try something new…. stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and….

  1. Try a new class at your local gym
  2. Sign up for Zumba
  3. Wii sports games
  4. kick boxing
  5. palates
  6. self-defense class
  7. karate
  8. snow shoeing
  9. a dance class
  10. Ice skating
  11. skiing
  12. ping-pong
  13. swimming
  14. trampoline
  15. boot camp
  16. step class
  17. shoveling snow

and I am sure you can add more to this list.  😀

Yesterday started my 5th season of Floor Hockey.  Yes, a little out of the box – but it is fun, competitive, and I LOVE it.  We play hockey in a gym every Sunday evening now through mid March.  It is fun and a great work out.  The games are about 50 minutes long, and we switch out who is on the floor so you are not running constantly.  I probably play about 30 minutes of a game – but my Polar heart monitor tells me that in my 30 minutes of playing I burned over 400 calories…. and my heart rate was up around 186.  Yes…. definitely a work out… fun, shakes it up, and today… I am a little sore.  😯

What do you do to break the routine?  How do you SHAKE UP your workout and keep it fun?

How To Keep Up The Momentum During the COLDER Months

8 Jan

Hi all! 

I just returned from a three days girl weekend which of course in my book means food and fun and well… more food.  Its time to get back on track. 

I am a Spring through Fall girl.  I LOVE being outside and enjoy taking my workout that was as well.  So…. what does that mean?  I am a roller blader, and a biker.  I love using our state bike trail for both.  I even enjoy biking to work which is 3 miles from my home.  This coming spring, I hope to plant a garden.  It’s pretty easy to get me outdoors that time of year.


come winter when the bike and the roller blades are put away for the season… I kind of lose that motivation.  Never a fan of the cold, I would rather just stay inside and curl up with a book or good movie.  While both lovely things to do… obviously our bodies need more. 

For myself – I try to get to our local YMCA several times a week.  There, with ear buds in my ears… I jam out to my motivational work out music while lifting weights, tread mill, and elliptical.  I really enjoy it, and feel so much better after I do it… but tend to get bored easily and want to leave.  In that case – it helps to have friends who go as well.  I find when I can connect with a friend…I stay longer.  One day this past week I was just finishing my workout when my friend walked into the gym.  To catch up, I stayed another hour and went through her workout with her as well.  1,500 calories later I walked out of the gym.  😀

I am curious what you do for indoor style work outs when the weather does not meet our requirements.  Gym membership?  Work out videos?  Home gym?  Classes?

Tracking Those Pesky Calories Burned

5 Jan


My dear friend Reagan from Miss Remmer’s Reviews posted a question yesterday that brought on this post.  She asked how to keep track of calories burned. 

I know some of us use an online program, My Fitness Pal is one I have come to enjoy for tracking food intake and calories, as well as exercise and calories burned.  It is free and easy to use, you can even use it as an app on your phone. 

What I use the most though and LOVE LOVE LOVE is my Polar Sports watch.  You set it to your height, weight, age… and it will track your calories burned.  It is wonderful for biking and rollerblading, but I also use it in the gym during work outs. 

I find this brand at Target stores.  They do run right around $100 dollars, but I have had mine for three years and use it all the time. 


What do you use to track burning calories?