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YOU Get To Choose How Your Story Goes

26 Feb


Hi all.  Every day, I do not necessarily feel like working out.  I may be tired, or had a stressful day, and have a lot on my plate that I should be doing (like rewriting the camp papers like I said I would, creating an agenda for next weeks meeting, or laundry, or planning dinner, or…

Is that just me?

I don’t think so.

The same could be said for choosing what we eat each day.  It’s a lot easier to grab something hot and fast through a drive through then to take the time to cook something nutritious and good for you, ESPECIALLY when your day is like the one I mentioned in the above paragraph.


We are the authors of our story.  We make choices in our life every single day.  I know not everything is under out control, but what we put in out mouths and how we treat our bodies can for the most part be our choice.  Our story. 

For myself, when I don’t eat right and when I don’t work out, I lose energy and focus.  While getting to the gym or going for a run sometimes feels like the last thing I want to do – I have not once ever regretted doing it.  Usually when I get moving I feel energized and my whole day seems to get better.  I am more attentive. I am more patient.  Things do not bother me so easily.  I feel stronger and more self-assured.  Working out for me is like taking a magic pill. 😛 

When we make choices, good or bad ones, we are indeed writing out story. 


Where is your story going this week?  If you don’t like the direction, toss that page away and write it again. 

Last week I worked out 5 out of 7 days.  I packed up my gym clothes for in the car so I had no excuses.  I may have started out tired or with a plan to only do 30 minutes, but every time I stayed longer than I thought I would and every day I felt good when I left. 


Readers Work Out – The BIKE Is Back!

10 Jul


My week in work outs!

I didn’t get a whole lot done but I did get in a 32 mile bike ride last Saturday and then on Sunday my friend Amy and I biked the 50 mile bike tour for the Tour Of Saints bike ride.  Both rides were gorgeous and I hope to squeeze in another ride on Wednesday, then I am gone for the weekend.

However – Sunday I am doing the Color Run with my son Justin and I am soooo excited!!!!

Thanks Joy for hosting this awesome meme! 

Readers Workout for June 3 – Let’s Kick it!!!

3 Jul

Hey!  Where have you been?  Oh, that’s right – it is me who has been missing.  🙂  Our weather has been so bad, and I have been in well.. such a funk that really I had nothing to report. 

Until now.

Thanks to a persistent friend of mine (we all need them) who wanted to get in shape quickly for a big event coming up, she and I went on a cleanse 7 days ago.  I have to tell you, when I started this last Tuesday I had no intention of following it to a T.  I went in thinking I would occasionally have a diet pop, and if it was hot outside I was having my Skinny Cow ice cream cone.

And day 1 I did have a few sips of pop, and day 2 I did have a Skinny Cow ice cream cone and then…

I got serious.

I thought if I am going to do this…. I am going to do it right and really see what can happen during a 21 day fast.  Now, before you shout “21 DAYS???? GAH!  No way!”  Let me tell you, it really isn’t that bad.

The first 10 days you can have all the vegies you want and all the fruit but you should keep the fruit to half of the vegies.  You can have protein shakes, a half cup of brown rice a day and you can use olive oil so you can saute vegies, even stir fry your rice and add tons of vegies, of and you can have one egg a day.  No canned – all fresh.  After 10 days you can add in chicken and fish for the last part.

In the past 7 days I have made my first beets from scratch – delicious.  I have made sweet potato chips (WOW) and really overall have come to appreciate fresh foods.

I havent really missed the meat, but I have missed my coffee.  😀

In the days to come I will post some of the recipes I have been using and what I have been eating overall.  I did not weigh myself before going into this but I know I have lost inches.  I feel better and my clothes fit better.

I will add in a little chicken and fish after the 10 days but I don’t think every day.  Actually I am doing pretty well without.  I have broken my habit of snacking on chips and junk food at night, and no longer crave fast food either.   I think in part, this can be a lifestyle change for me where I continue this throughout the days I do have eating commitments. 

Have you ever tried a cleanse?

IN work out news, I biked 18 miles last week, first time the bike has been out in a while.  I have a 50 mike ride coming up this Sunday.


Thanks Joy for keeping me posting 🙂

Reader’s Workout… or lack there of….

29 May


I have been feeling guilty for not loving on this blog as much as I want too and for not getting in my weekly fitness post here with Joy’s Reader’s Workout.

The truth is… I have nothing to report.

My job about 6 weeks ago made some changes that have been hard and stressful.  I love my job so I am hanging in there but along with all of this my energy just feels zapped.

I have not been to the gym in three weeks and with our crappy weather in Minnesota the past couple of weeks getting outside biking or blading has been non-existent as well. 

That said – you are probably thinking “Ok, tip toe quietly away from the blog… she is in a FUNK.” 



While that had been true, I don’t think I am any longer.  I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about doing Weight Watchers together and I have been there and done that – a wonderful program but I have other plans.  And yes, I have plans…

I know what I need to do and hopefully I am starting back up today…  I am listening to a wonderful audio book about a man who turned his life around and became one of the fittest people in America… certainly I can get back on track when my goals are not so lofty?  😛

Thanks all for listening to my update… positive changes I am praying are on the way. 

True Confessions of a STRESS Eater

1 May


So ummm…. yeah.  The last couple of weeks have been a little stressful and unfortunately for me, when that happens, good eating habits seem to run for the hills leaving me behind.  My mind seems to go into this mode of “why nots” and excuses:

Why can’t I have this one sugary gooey chocolatey doughnut thing for breakfast… it is breakfast and I will work it off….

Why cant I stop on my way to work and have the double skim mocha latte, I mean really… I did say no whip…  (for the record… we are still looking at 220+ calories in that baby)

Why can’t I sit here and eat half the bag (or more) of Doritos’?  They are BAKED after all.

YAY!  I won the silent auction gift basket of Chocolate from our local Chocolate Etc. store!!!!!

anyhoo… you get the point and yeah, every one of the above scenarios are actual… and yes, I caved on every one of them.  😯


Stress happens.

So while I am sitting here, angry with myself, knowing I can do better…, I give us all this advice.  Each day is a new day.  We can (I can) get up and do something about it.  In fact today is May 1.  A great day for a new beginning.  We are one month out and a couple of days from BEA.  I have goals.

Its time to move on them.  😛

Tonight my friend Christy and I are going back to Kick Boxing.  I have not been there since last June when I got hurt.  I am excited to go and as I told another friend, “a little punching should a great stress reliever make!”  😀

SO while this kind of turned out to be the “anti-workout and healthy eating” post, it had to be said.  We can all stumble and fall but no one said we had to stay down.  If you are struggling, remember to take it one day at a time… see the future you whoever he/she may be….

are you thinner?

are you stronger?

are you healthier?

Can you kick the hiney of anyone who messes with you and not break a sweat?  (ok, that one was for me… I just wanted to know…)


Have a super awesome start to your week…. do something fun that burns calories…. 😀

Come back here and let me know how you are doing – hopefully we can inspire one another. 😀


Thanks to Joy from Joys Book Blog for her motivational posts.

Body Works and Biking

17 Apr

Happy Tuesday Team Kickin It People!  I am so sorry I have been so absent as of late.   (I seriously do not know how people maintain more than one blog, between life and Book Journey, this site has been neglected and I hope to amend that now.

So whats been happening since my last check in?  I have been biking and trying to get to Group Power (weight lifting) three times a week.  Currently I have 78 miles in on the bike for the year.  I was hoping to reach over 100 before this post, but the weather has not cooperated…

Rain… storms….. and yesterday…. SNOW.  😯

I have been trying to give myself an extra push and try new things and this afternoon I am going to go to a Yoga mix class and possibly (POSSIBLY) stay after and do the Group Cycle class which scares me.  I do not like stationary bikes, which is all the more reason I want to master it. 

I have been working harder by using My Fitness Pal (which I highly recommend!) and have two girls in the office now using it with me too.  Its actually a great learning tool to know how much damage those little “treats” that we think dont add up can do to us…. like Jelly Beans (11 calories each!), and dont even get me started on chocolate chips.

Finally last week at out local YMCA started the Bodyworks 6 week challenge.  You pay $10 and get a worksheet to give yourself points for cardio, water drinking, strength training, vegies and fruit, and a bonus point a day for no junk food.  They have big charts to record your weekly points and they give away prizes.

My goals this week is to get to that 100 mile + on the bike.  I want to get in the habit of at least working out an hour 5 days a week.  Continue to eat well and work on seeing results. 

I challenge YOU to try something new… a new class, a new way of working it… either by walking, dancing, biking, roller blading, I dont care – just do it 😀  AND then…. tell me what you did 😀

Joy at Joy’s Book Blog is organizing this weekly meme to show what we as readers do to stay fit… stop over and cheer her on!  😀

Check Point… Working on MoTiVaTiOn!

6 Mar

Good morning all!

This is the weekly check in that is hosted by my friend and runner Mari over at Bookworm With A View.  Weekly we are asked to do a little check in on how the physical get up and MOVE It MOVE it is going…

a week ago I did not participate as I had nothing to report… a week from he**, I worked all day and had commitments every evening and then was out-of-town for the weekend.  Honestly I was exhausted.  And crabby. Yes.  CRABBY.

But earlier this last week I dusted myself off and got back on the treadmill.  I wrote a post confessing how I have not been as committed as I had hoped; to this blog… and to myself.  And I am hoping that is about to change.

For starters, I treated myself to new shoes this week.  Thank you all who gave me advice on this… I don’t know if I did well, but they are working nicely for the gym and indoor activities:

And in the past week I have made it to my goal of Group Power three times in a week… (weight lifting to music).  I also attended a Zumba Class, elliptical time and floor hockey.  It was a good workout week!

My goals now are to hold momentum and keep on going.  I will be at the gym tonight for Group Power and elliptical.  I plan to continue each day then until Sunday.  I want to be active at least five times a week with at least an hour workout.

I have started keep track of miles on my sidebar… I seem to be having an odd formatting opportunity where it is not lining up right but I will keep track of bike miles once I have some. 😀

Anyhoo… thats me.  How you all doing?  Is Spring in the air?  Is motivation?  Let Mari know at Check Point!